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My $500 Fuel Filter
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Don't remember if I told the story of the $500 inline fuel filter I had in my 40 Ford or not.

Couple years ago my 40 started giving me troubles in driving for extended distances.

Had one of those clear glass fuel filters on it. Always checked it to see if there was crud or gas in the line and the gas was always clear.

40 Ford Standard Tudor Sedan

Replaced the electric fuel pump with the latest neato Carter model since the 30yr old Carter was probably used up.

Didn't fix the problem.

On one trip could only get a couple of miles down the road at high speed before dying.

Got home and blew out the line into the gas tank and started pricing new fuel tanks, may be a fiberglas one. Heck the old original tank was probably rusting up bigtime inside.

Finally had a friend suggest the problem was probably electrical. He had a semi reasonable theory and he was real happy with his latest MSD Dist and Box setup. Heck my old distributor seemed to be rattling around a bit anyway, so I ordered one. New Dist. Box. Coil Wires, the whole bit.

I'm getting kinda old and worthless and was a little afraid I wouldn't be able to get it all installed on my own, but with the money invested I figured I better get er done and surprised myself and got it all installed, never had to call Roger for help.

First trip up the interstate and about 5 mi of 65mph it starts dying on me. I limped it along the side of the road exasperated. Looked under the hood and gas was in the clear fuel line filter, but that darn thing just didn't want to run. Even let it set with the fuel pump running and eventually it would start.

Now at my wits end I decide to pull the inline fuel filter out of the line and see if gas would flow into the carb, may be the fuel filter was putting a bit of a strain on the fuel pump or something. Went to the trunk to get a screw driver and found a new Fram fuel filter I just happened to have back there for another purpose and got to thinking, maybe is something could be wrong with the clear one even if it looks ok.

Anyhow, I remove the clear filter and install the new Fram and bingo starts right up and purrs like a drunk kitten, the SBC's got a bit of a cam in it.

Then out of curiousity I disassemble the clear filter and look closely at the white/ivory looking element and see that it is actually clogged up with some sort of clear/white looking stuff in the mesh. Could never see it inside the glass when not looking for it.

Not being sure if it was the problem took the 40 out and drove for 20mi or so that night and ever since it's run great.

Only cost me $500 or so in parts to track down the problem.

Obviously my name and mechanic should never be used in the same sentence again.

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