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My 56 Chevy
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I had a 56 Chevy 210 wagon that I really enjoyed having, had traded a 49 Merc for it even up and thought I really got the best part of the deal.

It had the powerpac 265 powerglide with dual exhaust.

Eventually broke the reverse gear band in the power glide and converted it over to a 3spd stick with factory parts.

Then the 265 expired and I found a built 292 with the famous '350' cam and put it in.

Not sure the combo actually ran any better than the original 265/glide, but it was fun.

Eventually found too much rust out in the floors and decided to sell it and buy a 65 El Camino.

One of the cars I do regret letting go, I'm pretty much a Wagon type of guy and always remember my 56 wagon when I get into my 89 Suburban.

Oh yeah, and a bit of a story on this one. The 265 in it was soo tired that I had to run almost pure STP in it to keep it from smoking like it was on fire.

One day at work I was blocked into my parking space by crowded parkers behind me, so I decided to just drive up over the low rail in the back of the parking space. So Up and Over and bang, no oil pressure. Well since I had never experienced a motor actual ly blowing on me I decided to just run it towards home and see how far I would get.

I lived about 4 or 5 mi away and just headed down the road. Engine temps never really got high and with the lifters ticking just a bit more than usual, I actually made it all the way home, thru traffic and all, and drove right into the garage.

Over the weekend I jacked it up and removed the pan and found the oil pickup bumped off the oilpump. Decided to pull some main caps and see what the damage was, and by golly near as I could tell they all looked fine and still a bit oily. I just reinstalled everything and fixed the oil pickup and replaced the pan.

Ran that motor for a good few months afterwards as I looked for the 292 replacement I eventually found.

Still have a couple of stories about braking the oil pumps in my 65 El Camino I could tell as well.

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