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My First Computer

This is an Apple II+ purchased in 1980. It came with 48K installed ram memory and I had to install a Microsoft 16K ram memory card to bring it up to its full capability of 64K ram memory.

When it was purchased a 300 baud internal modem was also bought to allow access to the outside world. Later the modem was upgraded to a fast 1200 baud. To run and view large Visicalc spreadsheets a hi-res video card from Videx was installed. The video card allowed toggling from 80X24 to 132X40 and 160X48 or something like that.

Since this initial computer I have gone on to build several DOS box computers for myself and others. Over the years I've become quite adept at analyzing software and hardware problems in DOS boxes. It seems that I have had to build or upgrade my systems about every 6 months to keep up with the latest hardware and software capabilities. Sometimes I feel like I'm as much of a Hot Rodder or mechanic with computers as I was with cars.

I support several businesses with their computer needs and am continually assisting friends and relatives with their computer activites. I'm always available to assist anyone in need of help with software or hardware problems.

Linux At present I have 3 running web servers and a laptop at home, All systems are connected to the net through a Full T1 Data link as of Oct 06
with Nuvox Communications, with a speed of 1.5Mbps/1.5Mbps, running an Ubuntu 6.0 distribution of the Linux operating system





A Linux Install or How I Spent Superbowl Weekend

I also have several systems in pieces in a storage room, including an original IBM PC and an IBM XT for museum purposes.

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